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Aggie, you are an amazing realtor! I can't believe you stuck with me for almost three years and over 40 home visits! You are persistent, patient, full of energy, tenacious and incredibly knowledgeable. Deftly sorting out the wheat from the chaff each time I sent you a list of homes saved us a lot of time! We finally found THE HOME and you made the transition from potential buyer to homeowner a breeze for me. Your recommendations for inspection services as well as mortgage companies were spot on. I also admired your negotiating ability during the offer phase. I have learned a lot from you and feel very comfortable in the final choice I have made. It's just perfect! I must admit I will miss the chase but the reward at the finish line was worth it. Feel free to use this enthusiastic recommendation any way you wish! Going to miss you Ag! Donald M. Lawson

Jason and Heather Client, Buyer
I was on my way home after work the other day and I was thinking about how nobody does their job very well. I thought of you shortly after and thought what a complete and thorough job you do in the career you have chosen. You are very good at what you do and we appreciate your work ethic.
Thank you very much,
Jason and Heather


schaeffer1 Client, Buyer

Aggie is a first class real estate broker, lady, and human being. I've made several transactions with Aggie as both a buyer and seller. She ALWAYS went above and beyond the call of duty. One occasion in particular she SOARED above the expectations that I or any other seller should ever have. She did it to look out for the best interests of her client. I am a lifelong resident of the area and a local business person of nearly 20 years. I would not stick my neck out and vouch for the integrity of another individual if I was not 100% confident. Aggie is one of those people that I am 100% confident.

Lelia_Cahill   - Aggie has gone over and above advertising my buildings. There have been potential buyers from several states including Texas and Nebraska. She's a serious selling agent and only works with serious owners. If you're sure you want to sell your property, Aggie will get you nationwide exposure with top of the line advertising and photos. Aggie will help you move your life in the direction of freedom from your property anxiety. She brings her Veteran's structure to her career. Serious and Strong and Humble.