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1)  Notify the Electric company of your closing date.
         Electric:  PP&L - 1-800-DIAL-PPL  or Lehighton Borough  610-377-4004
*Electric can just be transferred; call with address and closing date
2)  Choose a heating company (if your property is heated by oil or propane).  If it is winter, it's usually a good idea to schedule the oil or propane company to make a delivery on the settlement date after settlement as there is no guarantee of how much oil/gas will be in the tank when you close.
        Propane - If the seller has rented tanks,  many companies will choose to leave the tanks with hopes that the new owner will choose them as a supplier.  So give a few companies a call and compare rates and set up the "swap" of tanks if you are changing companies.  Remember, any remaining fuels on the property at time of settlement belong to you, the buyer.  I can find out who the seller has been using - just remind me if I haven't already told you.
        R. F. Ohl    610-377-1098   www.rfohl.com 
        Hellers       570-620-9500   www.hellersgas.com 
        Oil - oil tanks are not rented and get transferred with the house - you only need to choose the company.  Here are a few local companies.  Of course, you can choose to use the company the seller has been using as well.
               R.F.Ohl   610-377-1098   www.rfohl.com 
               D&D       610-377-1955
               Liberty    610-377-0365   www.libertyoilcompany.com
***for all types of local contractors/businesses check out www.Porch.com 
3)  Other Utilities 
       Phone - Verizon  
       Cable/Internet - Blue Ridge Cable - 1-800-cable-77     www.brctv.com 
       Water/Sewer/garbage - township or borough (see below) - these accounts are often automatically changed over when you do the moving permit (see below) or when the title company notifies them for a final reading.
4)  Almost all of the townships and local boroughs require moving permits when you are moving in OR out of the area.  These permits usually cost under $5.00.   
Here are some common townships/borough contact info:
Mahoning Township      570-386-4002   www.mahoningtownshiponline.com 
Franklin Township         610-377-1773   www.franklintownshipcarboncounty.com
East Penn Township     570-385-5735   https://www.eastpenntownship.com/
Lehighton Borough        610-377-4004  www.lehightonborough.com 
Penn Forest Township   570-325-2768  pennforesttownship.org 
Weatherly Borough        570-427-8640  www.weatherlypa.gov 
Freeland Borough          570-636-1733  www.freelandborough.com
Lower Towamensing        610-826-2522  https://www.lowertowamensing.org
Towamensing Township  610-681-4202  www.towamensingtownship.com
Bowmanstown Borough  610-852-2289  www.bowmanstownborough.tripod.com
Palmerton Borough         610-826-4055  www.palmertonborough.com
Jim Thorpe Borough       570-325-2054  www.jtborough.org