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We LOVE helping For-Sale-By-Owners!


You are the courageous ones! You are the strong initiative ones! We want to help you!

We would like to come and take a look at your property!  We are not trying to get you to list with us - we simply want to know EVERY OPTION for our buyers!  It will take about 10 minutes for one of our agents to walk through your property and take some notes and a photo or 2.  In return, we will give you a packet chock full of helpfulf forms and advice to HELP YOU SELL THE PROPERTY ON YOUR OWN!

And feel free to call us with questions or if you need advice along the way!  

Here is a list of the items currently in our For-Sale-By-Owners giveaway packet!

1)  Interested Buyer Log

2)  Seller's Property Disclosure Form

3)  How listing on Zillow turns you into "Realtor Bait" and what you can do about it

4)  What is Comparable Market Analysis and why would I want one?

5)  FSBO statistics from the National Association of Realtors

6)  How to get buyer's Pre-Qualified

7)  Tip Sheet/Do's & Dont's/Common Mistakes

8)  Who will do the paperwork if I find a buyer?