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1.  Correct spelling of the names of the buyers (to include middle initials if used commonly)

2.  Offer amount (what you would like to pay for the property?)(Be sure to review the market analysis before hand)

3.  Amount of initial “down” money.  (Discuss with your agent)

4.  Date by which we want an answer from the seller to our offer (usually 2-3 days is common unless there is a multiple offer situation) 

5.  Closing date (if you are applying for a mortgage…45 – 60 days is common. If you would like to close sooner, we should check with your lender to make sure that they can get the mortgage documents ready in time)

6.  Which inspections would you like your offer contingent upon?  
  • Home/Environmental Inspection
  • Wood Destroying Insects  
  • Water    
  • Septic
  • Radon
  • Lead based paint
  • Deeds/Restrictions/Zoning
  • Boundaries
    You may choose any of these or all of these or none of these. 
    Buyers pay for inspections at the time of inspection…. 
    PLEASE be sure to discuss this option with us if you have not done so already. 

7. Finance contingency information. If your purchase is dependent upon a loan we need the following information: 

    A. Loan amount     $ __________________
    B. Loan type (conventional, non-conventional, VA, etc.) ________
    C. Bank Name ________________________________________
    D. Term of loan ( how many years?) __________
    E.  Interest rate range ( what is acceptable to you the buyer) _____ - ______
    F.  Number of points if any___________

8.  Items included with the sale of the house (such as appliances) 

Once you’ve given us the above information, we can draw up the contract and e-mail it to you for review. At that time we will go over it and answer any/all questions that you may have. Don’t worry if you do not have all of the requested info…just give us what you have.
Remember, we are here to help and assist you with this entire process! Don’t hesitate to ask us questions! We do this all the time…you’ll probably only do this a couple of times in your entire life. It’s our job to know this process….Lean on us!!!