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"Aggie, you are an amazing realtor! I can't believe you stuck with me for almost three years and over 40 home visits! You are persistent, patient, full of energy, tenacious and incredibly knoweldgeable. Deftly sorting out the wheat from the chaff each time I sent you a list of homes saved us a lot of time! We finally found THE HOME and you made the transition from potential buyer to homeowner a breeze for me. Your recommendations for inspection services as as well as mortgage companies were spot on. I also admired your negotiating ability during the offer phase. I have learned a lot from you and feel very comfortable in the final choice I have made. It's just perfect! I must admit I will miss the chase but the reward at the finish line was worth it. Feel free to use this enthusiastic recommendation any way you wish! Going to miss you Ag!"

Donald M. Lawson


"Aggie assisted me in the sale of my home in Lehighton. Responsive and supportive with all request. Encouraging and always willing to work with you never pushy .This was my first experience in selling a home and Aggie was always ther when I became discouraged."



"Courtney did an excellent job and found us a home which met all of our specific needs. Energetic and enthusiastic and listens. We would recommend her to anyone."

Mary & Franklin Kleckner


"Aggie did an outstanding job of getting our house on the market with her advertisingtechniques. She was able to help us through the highs and lows of selling our house. I would highly recommend her and her company."



"Lee went out of his way to show me many different properties. He answered all of my questions quickly and efficiently. He worked with me even after normal hours to get what I needed. I would highly recommend Lee."



"Aggie was extremely helpful and attentive to our specific needs. Over the past the past 5 1/2 months, my sister and I worked together with Aggie, on behalf of my parents, to successfully sell their home. My sister lives in the local area but I live in Florida, so communication was a critical aspect  in helping us make some important decisions. Aggie consistently made sure that both my sister and I were always kept in the loop regarding everything that was happening. From group emails and text messages to conference calls, she was diligent in looking out for my parents and our best interests throughout the entire process. She was responsive to our questions and made sure we received the answers we needed. She was very knowledgeable and helped us navigate through the confusing world of the real estate market with confidence. She provided us with reports and statistics, and I’m sure there were times we made her crazy, but she always responded with a courteous and professional attitude. I’m thankful for her attention to details, patience, kindness and positive attitude throughout this adventure!"




I was on my way home after work the other day and I was thinking about how nobody does their job very well. I thought of you shortly after and thought what a complete and thorough job you do in the career you have chosen. You are very good at what you do and we appreciate your work ethic.
Thank you very much,"         

 Jason and Heather


"My husband and I worked with Courtney for about a year. She did an amazung job with showing us houses at last minute and communicating with listing agents about the houses we were interested in. She helped keep us positive and on the right track to finding the PERFECT home. Courtney made it possible for us to buy our first home before the holidays so we could host the holidays with our family.

We wouldnt have found the house we call home without her help and positivity. "

Brittany Musser


"Aggie has been absolutely amazing. She has helped we in purchasing 2 different homes . She is very friendly and always willing to help. I would highly recommend Aggie . She worked many hours in helping get all the answers I needed. Thank you"



"Aggie is a first class real estate broker, lady and human being. I've made several transactions with Aggie as both a buyer and seller. She ALWAYS went above and beyond the call of duty. One occasion in particular she SOARD above the expectations that I or any other seller should ever have. She did it to look out for the best interests of her client. I am a lifelong resident of the area and a local business person of nearly 20 years. I would not stick my neck out and vouch for the integrity of another individual if i was not 100% confident. Aggie is one of those people that I am 100% confident."



"I have been through pretty much every realtor in the area. I wasn't happy with any of them execpt Courtney. She knows her numbers, listens to what you want and responds literally right away. She is very helpful, nice and upbeat. I had absolutely zero problems with Courtney and would recommend her to anyone!"

Stephanie Drovich


"Aggie has gone over and above advertising my buildings.  There have been potential buyers from several states including Texas and Nebraska.  She's a serious selling agent and only works with serious owners.  If you're sure you want to sell your property, Aggie will get you nationwide exposure with top of the line advertising and photos.  Aggie will help you move your life in the direction of freedome from your property anxiety.  She brings her Veteran's structure to her career.  Serious and Strong and Humble."

Lelia Cahill


"Aggie is not a regular agent. She is a trusted advisor that will make sure you maximize your return on your investment. I will recommend her to my family, friends and clients. Thank you Aggie for your hard work and dedication on the sale of my house. You are the best!!"

lili cock


"Courtney Hillegass was very responsive and accomodating with all of my home-buying needs. I would recommend her to anyone. The whole process was made very easy thanks to her hard work with helping me find a home that I love. " 

Elizabeth Hans


"Aggie constantly followed up on items and helped us stay on track. We never had to worry that something was slipping through the cracks on her end. She worked hard to get the job done and was extremely responsive and easy to work with. She was highly professional and went beyond the call of duty.  We would highly recommend Aggie as your realtor!"



"Courtney is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Paid attention to details and kept things on track. She helped us through this process so we understood every step and she didn't blindside us with anything."

 Nicole Baker


"From the moment I met Aggie, it became very clear to me that she was more than just a realtor. She was a kind person with every best intention there could be. She didn't just try to make a sale, like I fear many realtors do. She truly cared about me and my individual situation. I feel like, without  her being there to guide me and give me advice, my home buying experience would have been a terrible one. Even during some of the more stressful days, she gave me the words of encouragement that got me through - like she knew exactly what to say to put my mind at ease. When we walked into what is now my home, she knew me well enough to even say "I think we found your house". She was so right, and I am so blessed to know that I got to meet and work with this amazing woman. I could never thank her enough for being more than just someone I hired to help me find my home. She became like a second mother and friend."



"Courtney was amazing throughout my entire home buying process. I am a first time home buyer and she made the process easy from start to finish. She always answered any questions I had and kept in contact with me throughout the entire process, to make sure everything was staying on schedule. She  helped me find the perfect house for my family and we closed on our house in 30 days."



"Aggie was spectacular through the entire process. She was patient and knowledgeable - when she didn't know the answers, she went and got them. She listened to what I was looking for and showed me houses within my criteria. There were many delays and hiccups along the way to the closing, but  Aggie kept everything current, kept everyone in the loop and kept me sane. I appreciate all that she did, as well as how professional and positive she is. I would recommend Aggie to anyone and everyone!!"



"Courtney was a fantastic realtor,she was always in contact with me through it all and she took care of all the paperwork and made buying my house super easy. I would recommend her to anyone"



"Aggie was terrific! Very responsive and wonderful to work with through the home buying experience. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."



"Aggie was the perfect balance of professional and fun! My husband and I had no knowledge in any part of the process of purchasing a home, she walked us through every step of the way. She was wonderful at explaining each step and all of the paperwork in detail. Aggie had great negotiation skills,  and helped us to save quite a bit of money where we would have overpaid. Aggie did not give up until we found the perfect home, and we looked at more than i can count!"



"There are real estate agents and then there’s Super Agents. Courtney is a super agent! Courtney’s vibrant personality and positive outlook kept us motivated through the entire process. She was incredibly respectful to our family. Courtney took time out her personal life to answer questions and  completed business tasks. Courtney has a vast knowledge base of the real estate industry and doesn’t hesitate to share her knowledge. Her tireless work ethic, dedication, and professionalism will not go unnoticed. If there is one realtor we could recommend, it would be Courtney!"



"Aggie has been my Realtor for years, and as long as I'm selling or buying in her area she will be forever. She is consistent, honest, goodwill-ed, and professional."



"Highly recommend Courtney. Always quick to answer back to any questions I had. She made the overwhelming process simple and less stressful with her awesome attitude and knowledge. Great communication skills and awesome with the children during the whole process. I couldn't ask for more from a  person helping me find my family a home!"



"aggie is very professional and pleasant to work with. she is personable, patient, and receptive to inquiries. she is a great real estate agent, and made our transitional to becoming homeowners very smooth. THANK YOU AGGIE"



"To be honest, at first my wife was a bit apprehensive about Courtney due to her youth. But I saw that as a positive hoping that she wouldn't be like some of the "older" agents in the area. And within a week, my wife's thoughts were erased as Courtney proved to be better than either of us had  expected. She was absolutely fantastic to work with. She dealt with our extreme pickiness (we wanted a long-term home) with patience and care. Our process took over 6 months to find our home, and not once was she pushy or annoyed. She knew what we wanted, and stayed with it throughout (she would point out the good AND the bad). She went above and beyond when we did find our new home. She was always available with any answers or information we needed (sometimes it seemed she has a clone because somehow she juggles her clients so that you seem that you are the only one she has and gives priority to) I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who needs an agent and wants to find that perfect home as her patience, professionalism, and knowledge is way beyond her peers."